Our Menu - Salads, Panini's and Sandwiches
With Lettuce, Tomato & Cheese. All meats are thinly sliced
On toasted Italian Bread
  Turkey  $4.99  
  Assorted  $4.99  
  Roast Beef  $4.99  
  Bologna  $4.99  
  BLT  $4.99  
  Chicken Salad $5.29  
  Chicken Strip     $5.29  
  Salami  $4.99  
  Tuna  $4.99  
  Capicola  $4.99  
  Club  $4.99  
  Ham  $4.99  
  Chicken Pesto 



 Taylor's Ultimate Panini

Turkey, Bacon, Provolone Cheese, Cheddar Cheese, Hot Peppers, Onions, Vinaigrette & Mustard


 Chicken Strip Panini

Chicke Strips, Taco Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers, Hot Peppers, & Chipotle Mayo


 Silcilian Panini

Turkey, Bacon, Provolone Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers& Chipotle Mayo


 Italiano Panini

Spinach, Artichoke Hearts, Mozzarella Cheese, Romano Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers & Chipotle Mayo


 Stromboli Panini

Salami, Pepperoni, Mozzarella Cheese, Provolone Cheese, Roasted Red Peppers & Hot Peppers


 Greek Panini

Chicken Strips, Black Olives, Feta Cheese, Provolone Cheese, Romano Cheese, Oregano & Greek Dressing 


   The Wedge

A oven baked pizza crust sandwich baked golden brown. Includes: Lettuce, tomato, provolone & cheddar cheese


  Select One of the following:

 Ham * Turkey* Steak * Chicken Finger * Assorted * Salami Capicola * Chicken Strip


Breads are Available in 1/2 loafs
  Tomato Bread Garlic Bread with Sliced Tomatoes, Provolone cheese, Romano cheese & Oregano
  Tiny Bread Bleu Cheese, Mozzarella Cheese, Provolone Cheese & Cheddar Cheese melted just the way you like it!
  Garlic Bread Plain
  Garlic Bread with Mozzarella
  Bread Stix / Plain 5 sticks per order with sauce on the side
  Bread Stix with Mozzarella Cheese
  Bruschetta Bread Crusty Garlic Toast topped with diced tomato chunks marinated in balsamic vinegar

Spinach & Artichoke Bread (Topped with Mozzarella Cheese) 


Choice of Dressing...Italian, French, Vinaigrette, Lo-Cal Italian, Greek, Raspberry Vinaigrette, Caesar
(Ranch & Bleu Cheese 50¢ extra)



Jodz Summer Salad Romaine Lettuce, Gorgonzola Cheese, Craisins, Green Apples & Lightly Seasoned Walnuts

 $9.49   $11.49

Karly's California Salad Romaine lettuce, crasins, sunflower seeds, tomatoes, crumbly blue cheese, mandarin oranges & raspberry vinaigrette dressing




Greek Salad Romaine Lettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, black olives, marinated chicken strips & a side of greek dressing



  Hogenkamp Fresh Spinach, Tomatoes, Mozarella Cheese, Diced Carrots, Chi-Chi Beans & Broccoli $9.49 $11.49
  Ackerman Romaine Lettuce, Tomatoes, Fresh Mushrooms, Cheddar Cheese, Bacon & Chicken Strips $9.49 $11.49
  Julienne Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes, Ham, Turkey, Black Olives, Shredded Mozzarella & Hardboiled Eggs $9.49 $11.49
  Chef Salad Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheese, Croutons & Sweet Pepper
  Lite Salad (w/ Low Calorie Italian Dressing) Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions, Carrots & Tuna Fish
  Antipasta Includes Lettuce, Tomatoes, Ham, Salami, Cheese, Pepperoni, Green Olives, Hot Peppers & Chi Chi Beans
  Suzy Salad Includes Lettuce, Tomatoes, Feta Cheese, Black Olives, Carrots, Mushrooms, Croutons and Broccoli
  Taco Salad Includes Lettuce, Tomatoes, Seasoned Taco Meat, Black Olives, Cheddar Cheese. (Sour Cream Extra 50¢ extra)
  Devine Salad Includes Marinated Chicken Strips, Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mozzarella Cheese, Romano Cheese and Pepperoni. Served w/ Balsamic Vingrette Dressing
  Chicken Finger Salad Available in plain, mild, medium, and hot) Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cheddar Cheese and chunks of Chicken Fingers
  Caesar Salad Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese & Caesar Dressing $9.49 $11.49
  Chicken Caesar Salad Chicken Strips, Romaine Lettuce, Croutons, Fresh Grated Parmesan Cheese & Caesar Dressing $11.99 $13.99

Customize your salad with mixed green. You may request Romaine
and/or Fresh Spinach
(Additional charges may apply).

Please verify pricing at the time of placing your order…Prices are subject to change without notice.